Mainframe TCP/IP with the Reliability of
          SNA Internetworking
TCP/IP on the mainframe has been growing in importance over the last few years, and the Visara 1174 has been designed to enable you to take full advantage of these developments in internetworking; yet still protecting the investment you have in the 1174 Communication Server. Running as a feature of the LINCS communications operating system on the 1174, the IP Channel Bridge allows communications between IP protocol stacks running on the mainframe and the LAN. The IP Channel Bridge runs concurrently with any and all other features available on the 1174.

Using ESCON connections to the mainframe, and 100 Mb connections to your network, ensures that the highest possible throughput between the mainframe and the LAN is maintained at all times. To enhance this high throughput, dedicated network interfaces are used for this feature. Concurrent support for SNA or Non-SNA applications can also be supported through the same or a second ESCON interface. Multiple LPARs are supported, up to the maximum number of network cards that can be installed on the 1174-25S platform (up to 6 Ethernet interfaces, and additional Token Ring interfaces). Each LPAR uses a dedicated network card to provide maximum throughput.

The 1174 filters out all non-IP traffic, protecting the mainframe from extraneous protocols that may be present on the LAN. This ensures that in a multi-protocol environment the channel only sees the IP protocol and does not waste cycles sorting the required IP information from IPX, LAT, LLC or other protocols.

Other LINCS options to reduce load on the host and provide redundant pathways for sessions include the TN3270 Server and LAN Printing features.

1174 IP Channel Bridge passes all IP protocols, FTP, SMTP, NFS, TELNET, TN3270, etc based on the mainframe. So you can be assured that no matter why or how you wish to use the TCP/IP stack on your mainframe, the 1174 IP Channel Bridge continues to provide all the support you require.

The IP Channel Bridge feature is also available through Bus and Tag connections (up to 2) on the 1174-25S.