Thin Client Console
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Visara 500-LXP

Based upon Visara's field proven and established console technologies, the 500-LXP provides direct, simple and seamless access to legacy mainframe and midrange hosts as well as the Internet, intranets, and Windows-based applications - including resident emulations.

The 500-LXP provides access to Local Area Networks through its standard 10/100 Ethernet port. When ICA/RDP is used in conjunction with the resident emulations, concurrent access to both LAN based client/server applications and native host applications is readily available which represents a notable 500-LXP advantage.

  • Resident Linux operating system
  • Resident Firefox web browser with Java Virtual Machine
  • Resident TN3270E, TN5250E, VT100/220 and 3151 emulations enable access to legacy mainframe and midrange applications
  • X-Windows, ICA®, and RDP protocol support
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Client/server application access