Visara Products and Solutions

Visara Storage Systems

The Visara Virtual Tape Appliance, Library and Systems for mainframes provide an excellent combination of price, performance and scalability. The Disk Based Storage systems are focused on providing centralized management for local and remote tape resources that enables enterprise wide data management and security strategies for backup and archiving.


Console Consolidation for Mainframe and Midrange

The Visara CCA-3074 solution was created to provide the data center long-term reliable connectivity options, prudent asset management of existing equipment, seamless integration, effortless routing of traffic, reduced floor space requirements and secure remote access to meet a wide variety of host environments.


Thin Client Console

The 500-LXP provides direct, simple and seamless access to legacy mainframe and midrange hosts.


MCC Console Management

The MCC (Master Console Center) is an enterprise wide system capable of consolidating all of your data center's platform consoles (including mainframe, midrange, client server and other systems) into a single screen, common display, event driven monitoring, control and automation tool.


Front-End Communications Controller

The FEP-4600 is a powerful, cost effective solution capable of replacing many of the traditional 3745/46 FEP features. It eliminates costly NCP/SSP or EP software licenses, supports cross-domain (PU4/SNI) communications, and provides SNA and BiSync communications to the mainframe.


Channel Network Appliance

The CNA-8000 is a channel attached communications gateway that provides a robust alternative to Cisco routers with Channel Interface Processors (CIPs), IBM 3172 gateways, and many IBM Front-end Processors. The CNA-8000 can be configured to provide gateway functions for SNA LLC and TN3270.

The CNA-8000 base system is equipped to provide SNA LLC and SDLC gateway functions using an XCA interface to VTAM. Up to 2000 SNA platforms per Ethernet interface can be supported. The attached SNA platforms can be a mix of PU2.0 and PU2.1 nodes.



The Universal Console Terminal from Visara is designed to provide flexible console solutions for a variety of host processors.


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