CCA-3074 Console Concentrator
Download CCA-3074 Datasheet

The CCA-3074 provides secure local and remote console solutions for IBM Mainframe processors. The CCA-3074 is a functional replacement for IBM's 3174 and 2074 consoles and the Visara 22L & 25L SCON controllers.

OSA-ICC Backup - The CCA-3074 can provide console sessions without a network connection for times when the network providing TN3270 access to the OSA-ICC is down.

The CCA-3074 can be equipped with one of two different FICON interface adapters: a single port FICON channel interface adapter or a dual port FICON adapter providing two independent FICON interfaces. Each interface on a FICON adapter is capable of supporting up to 16 CU images (LPARs) and 256 sub-channels (sessions).

Optional Coax interface support can be provided through use of a downstream Visara LINCS platform such as the Visara CSS1-32 Coax Subsystem.

  • Functional Replacement for Visara 22L & 25L SCON Controllers
  • Functional Replacement for IBM 3174 & 2074 Console Controllers
  • FICON Non-SNA host connectivity
  • OSA-ICC Network access backup
  • Secure Ethernet Connected Console Sessions
  • Optional Coax device support via a locally attached coax subsystem
  • 19" 2U Rack mountable
  • Browser based configuration