Visara Storage Systems
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Press Release: VI-7700

Visara Virtual Tape Systems for mainframes provide an excellent combination of price, performance and scalability. The Vi-5990 is focused on providing centralized management for local and remote tape resources that enables enterprise wide data management and security strategies for backup and archiving.

The Vi-5990 is available as a Virtual Tape Appliance or a Virtual Tape Library with internal disk storage. The VI-5996A provides a means to migrate files to Virtual Tape from Physical Tapes and other Virtual Tape libraries. The Vi-7755 is a fully redundant Mainframe Virtual Storage System. The Vi-7700 is a fully redundant Open Systems Storage Array. The Vi-7710 is a standalone SAN. The Vi-8810L is a standalone DASD server.



System Features:

  • Support multiple operating systems
  • Versatile system connectivity
  • Improved productivity
  • Faster backups and restores
  • Flexible and Scaleable
  • Improved storage utilization
  • No application changes
  • Decreased cartridge counts
  • Reduced footprint

System Options:

  • Vi-5990A: Virtual Tape Appliance with no internal or external storage
  • Vi-5990L: Virtual Tape Library with up to 168TB data storage
  • Vi-5996A: Multi-Store Appliance
  • Vi-7700: Open Systems Storage System
  • Vi-7710: Standalone SAN
  • Vi-7755: Mainframe Storage Array
  • Vi-8810L: Mainframe DASD Server