MCC Master Console Center
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Operators at many data centers currently monitor numerous scrolling screens containing messages from each LPAR as well as other screens. With their attention focusing first on one screen and then on another, these operators are in constant danger of missing critical hardware and software messages.

As a response to the industry need to consolidate these numerous sources of data, Visara offers the MCC console management solution. Using the MCC, users can consolidate the numerous consoles from each of the many LPARs into a single window, making sure that critical messages are held and highlighted until they are acknowledged and resolved.

The MCC also supports automated responses and notification by email or pager. Enhancing the ability of operators to quickly identify and solve problems reduces service disruptions while less time and resources are needed to resolve issues.

  • Single click access to any authorized console through the Console Selection window
  • Share and manage consoles between multiple users
  • Console icons change color as they track connectivity, server power off, etc.
  • Manage customized alerts through the Alert window interface
  • Update alerts for problem tracking
  • View console history through the console history log
  • Full keystroke recording helps SOX compliance for your data center
  • Automatically reply to messages that require just a simple pre-programmed response