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eManager is the network management program designed for Visara thin-client desktop devices and Communication Servers. Visara thin client products supported by eManager include the iceblu 300 CE, 300 LX, 300i CE, 300i LX, 300it CE, 300it LX, 400 CE, 400 LX and the cristalblu 500 LX, 500 LXe, 600 LXe, 600 XPe, 610 LXe and 610 XPe. Communication Server products manageable by eManager includes the CNA-8000, CCA-3074, FEP-4600, 1174-25S, 1174-65S and 1174-90S, as well as all older model 1174's running LINCS 4.0 or higher microcode and the SCON-20L, SCON-22L and SCON-25L Console Concentrator. eManager provides the means to administer a complete network of Visara desktops and Communication Servers, with a versatile set of management tools, designed to work in most environments.

eManager has been developed to support network administrators and help desk operators. It is designed to push new applications, updates and configuration changes to a variety of desktop implementations, and put changes into immediate or delayed effect. eManager is designed to run on a Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8 platform, and provides administrators with the ability to review and update applications and configuration parameters for individuals or groups of individuals from a central location. Help desk operators can use eManager to diagnose and solve user problems, eliminating the need to visit each desktop or remote location when needing to change or investigate operating parameters.

eManager offers network management, troubleshooting, and asset management, all from a single software platform. Today's marketplace requires superior network efficiency, decreased user downtime, and increased performance and functionality, all at a low total cost of ownership. eManager is engineered to meet these demands by providing a complete network management solution for Visara products.