CNA-8000 Channel Network Appliance
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The CNA-8000 is a channel attached communications gateway that provides a robust alternative to Cisco routers with Channel Interface Processors (CIPs), IBM 3172 gateways, and many IBM Front-end Processors. The CNA-8000 can be configured to provide gateway functions for SNA LLC and TN3270.
The CNA-8000 base system is equipped to provide SNA LLC and SDLC gateway functions using an XCA interface to VTAM. Internal DLSw gateway support provides transportation of SNA traffic over IP, eliminating LLC traffic from the local LANs. Up to 2000 SNA platforms per Ethernet interface can be supported. The attached SNA platforms can be a mix of PU2.0 and PU2.1 nodes.
  • Functional replacement for CISCO CIP/CPA, IBM 3172, 2216 & 3174 PU2, Visara or Memorex Telex 1174 and other TN3270 Gateways
  • FICON and ESCON host connectivity
  • Configuration to support SNA LLC Gateways and TN3270 Gateways
  • Integrated DLSw Support
  • Client connection via Ethernet or Token Ring
  • Browser Based Configuration
  • Redundant Power Supplies and RAID Drives