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Visara leverages its experience with its unique vision for the future. Visara International brings to the table engineering and technology know-how which has been used to create datacenter solutions for the Fortune 1000. Visara prides itself on providing affordable, technically stable answers for some of the most recognizable companies in the world. Our vision is clear, our solutions are leading-edge and our commitment is to our customers. With over 2.5 million networked desktops currently using our products, we consider ourselves among the leading designers and manufacturers of information solutions and systems for business.

Our Vision
Today’s data center market has taken an interesting twist by returning to its centralized origins. By keeping its finger on the pulse of the market and introducing new products such as the FEP-4600, Vi-5990, MCC and the CNA-8000, Visara has focused on those companies that either are caught in product end-of-life or require a cost effective migration path to newer technologies.

Our Solutions
Visara provides master console solutions, front end processors, communication servers, printers and displays, offering a full portfolio of network and systems management solutions. The explosive growth and diversification that started in the 1980s towards multi-vendor and multi-protocol corporate IS infrastructures provided Visara the experience and knowledge to assist companies that are looking for:
- Seamless migration of existing “big-iron” networks with LANs and WANs into an enterprise network
- Enhanced security through centralized maintenance and management
- Ways to control cost of operations through hardware consolidation

Over the years, Visara has consistently assisted customers with maximizing value in their legacy equipment investments. We have also kept pace with industry trends by offering innovative network integration solutions when required by our customers.

Our Products

Consoles, Controllers and Servers
- FEP-4600 Communications Controller
- CNA-8000 Channel Network Appliance
- CCA-3074 Console Concentrator

- Vi-5990A Virtual Tape Appliance
- Vi-5990L Virtual Tape Library
- Vi-7755 Mainframe Storage Array
- Vi-7700 Open Systems Storage

Console Management
- MCC Master Console Center

- eManager Network Management Program

Headquartered near the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, Avenir Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company doing business as Visara International, providing mainframe and midrange system products, network integration, and advanced services offerings.